Founded in 1995, Logos Constructions Pvt. Ltd. focuses on contracting premium constructions.

The company is built on a foundation of innovation, customer satisfaction and uncompromising commitment to quality – its three main pillars. This well-balanced formula lends solidity to its corporate structure.

In just a little over a decade, the organization has grown to be one of Chennai’s leading names in construction. It stands today on its commitment to engage in the construction of India’s future.

Logos is proud to be peopled with professionals, who bring their knowledge, experience, creativity, innovation, and meticulousness on board. In-house teams of architects and engineers replicate the best practices in construction, eliminating non-essential costs and providing clients with outstanding structures and services.

Using cutting-edge technology, equipment and software, Logos’ people take charge of timelines well in advance of a project’s initiation.


We strive to be an organization that consistently generates breakthroughs in keeping with the values and principles we have set for ourselves. Our focus on people, integrity and our respect for our clients are a part of this effort.


Mission Statement

We corporately and individually strive to apply Logos’ founding values in our practices – quality, honesty and hard work. We do this through a focus both on people and on teamwork, bolstered by mutual respect and genuine client partnership. We endeavor to operate from the highest of ethical industry standards, thereby building structures and offering services that empower our people and delight our clients.